Greenius Is Growing To Bring Even More Professional On-Demand Training and Employee Development

With every improvement, from an expanding team to new and remastered training courses, Greenius aims to make employee training and development fast, simple and effective.


A Growing Library of Training Tools + New Features

The growing Greenius team has developed exciting new tools and training content to quickly turn your rookies into rockstars.

New and Improved Courses

  • Increased Production Quality
  • 24 New Courses in English & Spanish
  • 8+ New Snow Courses Coming for Winter 2022
  • Coming Soon: 50+ New Courses in English and Spanish

Expanded Tailgate Tail Library

  • Deploy More Tailgates on a Range of Topics
  • Use in the Field From a Phone or Tablet

Automated Billing & Improved Invoices

  • Manage Users/Seats
  • Automated Credit Card Billing
  • Access Invoices and Payment Records

New Feature: Manage Your Subscription

Easily and quickly view invoices, change billing information and manage seat numbers directly from the Subscription tab.

How to Manage Your Payments and Invoices

How to Manage Your User Seats

For help managing your payments, invoices or seats - book a 1-on-1 with our expert support team.

A Growing Greenius Team

Our team of professionals has expanded to provide more support and guidance along with the steady flow of new features and improvements.

More Support

Expanded Support Team


More Guidance

Expanded Success Team

More Features

Increased Development

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you would need to pay separately for the two subscriptions

Yes, you get Greenius free for 60 days if you are a current LMN user and new to Greenius

Yes, including employee, supervisor and group training.

You can now access invoices through the Greenius subscription tab on the left side of your dashboard

You can now add more seats through the Greenius subscription tab on the left side of your dashboard

Deactivating employees can now be completed in bulk through our mass actions tool. You can also deactivate an individual employee by clicking on the orange tasks button next to their name.