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Watch Now: On-Demand – guests Jeff Harkness & Jerry Schill discuss how to prepare your landscaping business to be ready to sell.

Hosted by Arden Urbano, VP Sales & Marketing Greenius, our featured guests will dive into how to prepare your business to be the most attractive to a buyer. This is critical information for any landscape business owner, whether you are actively looking to sell or just starting out.

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Watch Now: On-Demand – guests Josh Ferguson, Partner and Co-chair of the Philadelphia office of the law firm of Freeman Mathis & Gary, alongside Jonathan Crandall, Founder and Chief Visionary of JC Grounds Management, discuss the legal side of landscaping.

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Watch Now: On-Demand – guest Kevin Kehoe, founder of Aspire Software, discusses the positive impact of software and ERP’s on landscape businesses big and small.

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Watch Now: On-Demand – Guests Jim Paluch, JP Horizons, and Nicholas DiBenedetto, NDLandscaping, share top-quality insight on building your company culture and developing successful employee engagement.

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Watch Now: On-Demand – Beth Berry and Andrew Wesselman discuss the impact of marketing on landscaping businesses and how companies small and large can "win with marketing".

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