Greenius Tutorial Video Library

On-demand 'how-to' videos covering critical components of the Greenius Employee Performance and Training Management System

Learn From the Pro! Greenius Tutorials to Help You Get the Most From Your Training

Learn something new or brush up on your Greenius skills with our Video Tutorials - a collection of short walkthroughs on fundamental components of the Greenius Employee Performance and Training System

Greenius System Setup (18:04)

See how to get started setting up your account with Greenius in this introductory video on "How to set up your new account with Greenius".

Greenius System Demonstration (21:12)

Watch first hand in this introductory demonstration of the Greenius platform for Employee development and training.

Checklists and Tailgates (7:22)

A walkthrough covering checklists and tailgates on the Greenius Employee Development platform.

Editing Checklists (5:51)

Watch how to edit and customize checklists within your Greenius account.

Creating Divisions and Mandates (7:24)

Jim explains how to get started on "the most important step of setting up your account" – creating divisions and mandates.

Changing Divisions and Mandates (3:53)

A tutorial on how to change divisions and mandates within your Greenius account.

Adding Employees to Greenius (7:53)

A tutorial on the basics of adding your employees to your Greenius profile from your Employee Training. Jim's Tip: Before adding employees, watch "Creating Divisions and Mandates".

Recertifying Your Employees (5:18)

A short video from Jim on how to recertify your employees within your Employee Training Options.

Archiving and Deleting Employees (5:18)

See how to archive and delete users and employees from your Greenius account.

Group Training With Greenius (6:35)

How to create groups in Greenius in order to do group training with your employees. Jim's Tip: See "Adding Employees to Greenius" before.

The 15-Minute Review Tool (9:28)

Jump into this walkthrough of the 15-Minute review tool featuring a 360-degree employee review system measuring all levels of your company.

Using Greenius Reports (8:36)

Watch as we take you through a brief demonstration on how to use the Greenius reports to see how your company is doing.

Managing Employee Progress (15:39)

Watch as we take you through a brief demonstration on how to use Greenius to manage employee progress.

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