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Upload Third Party Training Records to Greenius. (September 2022)

You can now upload your own training records or third party certifications to Greenius. If your staff have completed first aid courses, or external certificates of any kind, you can now upload a pdf, CSV or XLSX copy of those records to Greenius. Simply click on your Reports tab, and choose "Training Records" from the bottom of the list. 


Business Management Courses – Coming Soon!

  • Mastering Recruitment and Hiring
  • Getting Lean and Mean: The SS System
  • Getting Lean and Mean: Shopkeeping, Storage
  • Mastering the Post-Hire & Orientation Process
  • Getting Lean and Mean: Problem Solving
  • Getting Lean and Mean: Continuous Improvement
  • Design-Build Estimating Process
  • Getting Lean and Mean: Waste Elimination
  • Design-Build Sales Process


New Snow Courses – Coming Later This Year!

  • Truck Salting Wide Areas
  • Defensive Snow Plowing Driving
  • Sidewalk Plowing
  • Sidewalk Salting
  • Working in Cold Weather
  • Walk Behind Snowblower
  • Equipment/Truck & Plow Inspection
  • Winter Patrol & Site Inspection
  • De-Icing & Salt Fundamentals
  • Plowing With Heavy Equipment
  • Snow Relocation & Offsite Removal
  • Winter Site Prep
  • Drug Free Workplace (Snow/Winter)


Archived Employees Have Moved! (April 2022)

Looking for your Archived Employees? They have moved! You can now find any staff you have previously archived in the Employee Training menu under “Inactive Employees”


New Advanced Level Health & Safety Courses (April 2022)

The following advanced level health and safety courses have been added to Greenius. Please note that some may find these courses more difficult than our usual content. Most of these courses are roughly up to an hour in length. The passing score for these courses is set to 75%.

  • Back Care and Safe Materials Handling
  • Basic CPR Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness
  • Cold Stress
  • Defensive Driving Essentials
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Heat Stress Basics
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Ladder Safety
  • Power Tool Safety - Chainsaws
  • Power Tool Safety - Saber Saws
  • Radial Arm Saws
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Table Saws and Chop Saws


View Answers to Exam Questions (March 2022)

You asked, and here it is! You can now view exam questions and answers from your Greenius account settings. Simply navigate to your Account Settings menu at the bottom left side of your Greenius dashboard. Click on Courses, then click the VIEW link to the right of the exam listed. You will see the option to view this information for all the courses in your course library.


Supervisor Courses for All! (February 2022)

In our ongoing efforts to improve and simplify the Greenius platform: We have made our Supervisor Series courses available to be assigned or mandated to any employee or division. Coming in a future update, you will notice the My Supervisor/Crew Leader Training tab will be removed.

The following courses are now available for any of your existing staff to take, regardless of their job title or assigned division. Check them out!

  • Coaching and Motivating
  • Covid-19 Work Rules
  • Customers Count
  • Defensive Driving
  • Difficult Employees
  • Meeting and Beating the Budget
  • Planning Your Day and Morning Prep
  • Quality Counts


Mass Actions Update (October 2021)

Making changes to your employees and their assigned training just got easier! Want to archive multiple employees at once? Need to change a due date for all of your staff? You can do all of these things in more with our new Mass Actions tools.

From the left side of your Greenius Dashboard, navigate to the Employee Training menu, and click on Edit Employee Details. You will notice two different streams from the Mass Actions dropdown menu:

From the Manage Courses menu; you can assign or remove training in bulk or change due dates for courses as required.

From the Manage Employee Details menu; You can change employee divisions, change assigned managers, send out training instructions, archive employees in bulk, and more!

Try it out and see how much time you can save!


One Login Update (August 2021)

You can now link your employee training ID with your System Manager ID!

If you are a System Manager for your Greenius account, but also have courses assigned to a training profile in the system; you can now link the two together. This allows you to view all your personal training videos, right from your System Manager login, rather than having to sign out from your admin profile and sign back in with your training ID.

You can link any training ID by going to your System Managers tab on the left side of your dashboard. First select the manager you want to link, click the Edit button next to their name and assigning their respective ID under the “Linked Training ID’s” Section.

All you need to do now, is click on the “My Personal Training” tab from your Greenius dashboard, and all your assigned courses will be available to complete.


Company Directory Option for 15 Minute Review (June 2021)

When using the 15 Minute Review tool with the Greenius mobile app, you will now see the option to search your company directory and quickly add additional employees to your crew for the day. Just like with checklists and tailgate talks, this is especially helpful if you are temporarily working with a particular crew member for the day and are tasked with conducting their review.


Editing Division & Mandates (May 2021)

Making updates to your existing mandates will now automatically apply those changes to all employees currently within that respective division. Note; This means if you mandate additional courses to a division, those employees will receive a notice letting them know additional training has been assigned.


Mobile Friendly Courses (March 2021)

Our videos have become even more mobile! All Greenius courses are now presented in the new Vimeo mobile-friendly format. This means higher quality video and sound and more playback compatibility across a wide range of devices.


Reshot and Relaunched Courses (December 2020)

Several of our courses have been updated with fresh HD footage and fresh content! Check them out today!

  • Engines and Fuel (English / Spanish)
  • Mini X (English / Spanish)
  • Truck and Trailer (English / Spanish)
  • Plate Compactor (English / Spanish)


Course Updates (October 2020)

Portions of the snow related courses have been updated and merged into our new series of snow courses. See below for where to find Snow courses that have moved 

  • (Previously) Containment plow (Previously) = (Updated) Box and Wing Plow
  • (Previously) Ice Control = (Updated) Winter Walkways, Essential Snow Plowing
  • (Previously) Intermediate Snow Plowing = (Updated) Essential Snow Plowing, Site Engineering
  • Skid Steer for Snow replaces old Skid Steer for Snow
  • (Previously) Basic Snow Plowing = (Updated) Essential Snow Plowing


New Course! (September 2020)

  • Stand-On Mower


Updated Courses (August 2020)

The following courses have been reshot in crystal clear HD and updated to our new dark background course 

  • Blower
  • Trimmer
  • Small Walk
  • Large Walk
  • Personal Safety
  • Stone Saw
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Edger
  • Zero Turn
  • Masks and Gloves
  • COVID-19 Work Rules
  • Hand Washing


Tailgate & Checklists Update (April 2020)

Enhanced Drag and Drop Capabilities - Shuffle points and pages for both Checklists and Tailgate Talks. Click on either the Checklist or Tailgate menu from the left side of your Greenius dashboard to get started! Rearrange points, edit wording or add your own content with just a few clicks!

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