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Itโ€™s Not Business as Usual but It Still Is Business

Our team at Greenius is eager to help landscapers and the green industry through these exceptional times we are facing. That's why we have developed some new tools and have made them available at no cost.

We hope the Coronavirus Tailgate Talks and hygiene-focused Course Videos will help your team best prepare for the new work environments we are all facing.

It may never be "business as usual" again but we look forward to finding the new normal together.

Workplace Coronavirus Safety Tools

Here are some tools our team has built. They can be downloaded immediately at no cost and are ready for use in the workplace and on the job site.

Three FREE Coronavirus Prevention Tools for Your Team

Register for our Free COVID-19 Work Rules Course, Hand-Wash Methods Mini-Series and NEW COVID-19 Mask and Gloves Safety covering strategies to control and prevent the spread of Coronavirus at work and at home.

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COVID-19 Workplace Awareness and Best Practises

  1. Stop sharing food and beverages today.
    1. This includes ice machines, donut deliveries, catered lunches or any single touchpoint where people share food or drinks from one spot.
  2. Provide support and accessible routes for employees to self-identify in the event of COVID-19 Symptoms
    1. Common COVID-19 Symptoms
      1. Fever
      2. Cough
      3. Difficulty breathing
      4. Pneumonia in both lungs
  3. Follow the guidelines put forth by federal, state/provincial, and local officials
    1. Regular hand washing for 20 seconds minimum.
    2. Social distancing at 2 arms lengths.
  4. Listen to your crews and teams - remain open and understanding.
  5. Assign only one person per truck and be flexible around other employees using personal cars on jobs.
  6. Reduce office deliveries and establish a drop-off location for parcels and packages.
  7. Leverage video chat for both your employees and clients.
  8. Clean surfaces after every use. Whiteboards, monitors, soap dispensers, microwaves, pens, dashboards or anything you have touched - even if no one else will be touching it.
  9. Be flexible with your attendance policy.
  10. Keep open lines of communication and give regular updates to your team.
  11. Do not obsessively check COVID-19 updates.

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