How OGS Landscape Sped Up Training And Boosted Work Productivity Through Greenius

Hear, read and see how this Ontario-based landscape company has created a company culture of excellence using Greenius Online Training. 

For 65 years, OGS Landscape has been a leader in the design and build of outdoor living spaces for families looking to create memories, entertain and build the perfect backyard getaway.

We took the time to hear and document their story and how they have evolved their company to maintain growth and profitability. And how they provide a great place to work for their team members, all while creating a company culture of excellence with some basic technology and training. 

Greenius: How has better-trained staff helped you avoid costly rework and driven better productivity? 

Drew Thiebaud:  To have a general knowledge of the tools and equipment you’re using is a huge asset that will speed up production. Generally speaking, job site safety training and precautions are all done using Greenius before starting a project. When it’s time to teach somebody how to grade something, start up a saw, or teach them any new skill, Greenius has taken that out of our hands.

Greenius: Why is managing staff so crucial for landscape business owners?

Drew Thiebaud:  Staff is everything for us. We are trying to grow the company, and I’ve collected enough experience and skill throughout my career as a landscaper to help build this company. I’m in a position now where I can apply those experiences to delegate the work so we can scale. And with a company, our size staff will be the difference between year over year growth or being stagnant. I want to have a good staff that I can rely on. 

Greenius: How has Greenius made your company better?

Drew Thiebaud:  If you’re more trained and more prepared, you’re more appealing to the workforce. Generally, the well-trained people there are at other companies because you can make a good living in this industry if you get the proper training and land a role where you have the opportunity to apply yourself. Even though there is a labor shortage, you need to be appealing and showcase that. The more training you have as an individual, the more likely you are to land a good role and a long-term position where professional development opportunities present themself. 

Greenius: Why is managing staff so crucial in the landscaping industry?

Rich Thiebaud: Managing staff is essential because staff as a business owner equals productivity. For any landscape company, the labor budget is likely the highest expense within your budget. Landscaping is great. We have people to get the work done in landscaping, and it’s hands-on. I mean, it’s fun. I love it. But we’re running a business, and we need to make money to cover our overhead expenses, provide great work for our customers, and cover everyone’s wages that work for us. It’s a good way of life for everyone involved if done right. 

Rich Thiebaud: You can have great designs, you can have great ideas, you can have all the right materials, you can have all the right equipment, but none of that does anything without the right staff. So managing a team, ensuring staff’s happiness, and ensuring you have the right people in the right places to succeed will make the business profitable.

Greenius: Does it help reduce mistakes and rework?

Rich Thiebaud: Processes are essential for us. We create them because our life and landscape owners and operators are complex, and we need to streamline them anywhere we can. We have multiple job sites happening — we want to keep our brand consistent with how we do everything. So Greenius does help with that by keeping it consistent throughout, where we have a constant message of training that drives a continuous improvement of company culture. And everybody’s on the same page with how things are supposed to be done. So it helps with that.

Greenius: How do you train your new employees?

Rich Thiebaud: We use Greenius. It’s part of the onboarding package. So when an employee comes on, they’ll get a whole package and modules assigned to them in Greenius of what they’re supposed to be doing. That helps them get familiar with what they can expect that they’re going to be doing. So they’re not just walking onto a job site, “Oh, I didn’t know you had this equipment or this or that,” where Greenius will help make them aware of what they’re stepping into before they experience it first hand. And then, if they’re moving up to a new position where they will be using different equipment, we can also have some modules set up for that. And it’s been good. It’s been convenient and created a better working environment for everyone. 

Greenius: Have you found that better training has led to more safety and efficiency?

Rich Thiebaud:  It makes everyone more aware of what they’re supposed to be doing. Because I find with safety, it’s more or less, if they know they’ll do it. Everyone wants to be safe, and nobody wants to do something in an unsafe manner or the wrong way. So Greenius helps make everyone aware. And if they know they’ll do it, the materials, the safety stuffs always been there. But “oh, I didn’t know I needed to wear a dust mask when I was sweeping in jointing sand,” or “I didn’t know it was so important to have your plugs in when I was using this plate tamper. And that they know how they’re aware, it helps with safety. And the same with training with procedures and things like that. I find the staff wants to know how to do it the right way safely and previous help do that without us telling them or a boring old, boring old book or something.

Greenius: How does LMN & Greenius make your company better?

Rich Thiebaud: It’s just making employees aware that communication is the key to everything in a business: communicating with your staff, customers, and everybody. LMN and Greenius help people be aware and help people communicate with each other, which creates more awareness of safety procedures, productivity, efficiency, and how many hours are left on a job clock. Beyond Greenius, we use LMN for estimating as well. To be able to click on an estimate and adjust it, it’s quick, it’s fast, it’s easy to communicate, and it just improves efficiency and communication. 

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