How To Increase Profits Through Landscaper Safety Training Courses

You can’t work if you’re recovering. Safety should be the first thing on every contractor or landscaper’s mind when working any job. Unsafe work is a slippery slope to rework, insurance liabilities, and a poor reputation among other contractors or even customers. We’ll show you how safety training for landscapers can drive profit and keep your landscape business budgets profitable and predictable.

Safe Landscaping Crews Are Profitable Crews

The last thing you should hear as a landscape business owner is that your crew is performing “back breaking work”. Working hard is important, but working safely should be priority number one. Thorough training systems from onboarding new landscapers to on the job training can save your crews grief from covering sick calls or outright no shows from a crew member hurting themselves on the job. The moment you lose that crew member for the day, you lose a key cog in your landscaping crew that will push back timelines and kill morale.

Get your crews to buy into a safe landscaping business. Walk them through how cutting corners and unsafe work can impact their days or their careers. It helps by going that extra mile to explain not just how to do the task, but why they’re doing it. Safety rules exist because somebody suffered to make them necessary.

How Safety Keeps Your Landscaping Budgets Predictable

Most landscape businesses create a budget based on historical data from previous work while not accounting for anomalies like equipment breaking or poor planning. There isn’t a landscape business owner that budgets jobs or an entire year to consider an injury to crew members or a piece of landscaping equipment breaking from unsafe work. It’s the equivalent to planning a vacation and accounting for travel to consist of wheels falling off or food poisoning from gas station food. The easiest way to prevent the wheels falling off of a landscape business is to take preventative measures like strong training throughout the organization. There’s a hard line between accidents happening and not knowing how to do your job on a landscaping site.

Supplement the current training your organization offers by implementing Greenius into your landscape business. On demand video training sets crew members up for success knowing exactly what to expect the moment they set foot on any job site. Greenius video training courses cover safety essentials through hazard training, specific equipment training modules, and foundational safety knowledge spanning from WHMIS, spills, defensive driving, and more.

Find Your Mix Of Training For Landscapers

The best educators know that there isn’t one way to learn. Everybody learns differently, and having a diverse mix of training in your landscaping business can set up every crew member for success. Traditionally, landscapers often learn the trade purely through on the job training, but there are often obstacles like availability, teaching ability, and training speed. While there isn’t a full substitution from verbally passing down skills from one landscaper to another in-person, on demand video training gives flexibility and can fill knowledge gaps for essential skills every landscaper or contractor needs to know for their trade. A strong mix of training can keep onboarding new landscapers and maintaining job timelines moving fast with few interruptions.

Check In With Feedback And Tailgate Talks

Communication is key for improvements from the top to the bottom of your landscaping business. Developing a strong crew instead of a group of individual contractors can create a collaborative and safe environment on every landscaping job. Morning huddles are a great time and place to introduce new organizational ideas or share safety and efficiency tips picked up on the job. Tailgate Talks are also 10-15 minute sessions with your crews to highlight and promote safe work for all work moving forward.

Greenius has a library of Tailgate Talks your landscape business can download and adopt into your weekly routine. These landscape safety checklists open those important conversations to maintain a strong culture of safety within your landscape business.

Continue Training Your Landscaping Crews

No matter the industry, training should never stop. Developing strong training processes for your landscape business develops an ecosystem where you can take green crew members and grow them into crew leaders. Even veteran crew leaders or foremen stand to benefit from additional training through leadership training or even skill refreshes. Mike Trout and Lebron James aren’t too good for coaches and skill development, so why should anybody in the landscaping industry stop learning new skills to boost their work efficiency?

Reach out to our Greenius experts to book a demo and walk you through how a strong training system in your landscape business can earn you more profits in the long run.