How to Use Online Training Videos to Reduce Equipment Damage

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When it comes to building a great landscaping company, there is no doubt that people are your greatest asset, but let’s be real; in this industry, people need tools to get the job done. No one is cutting grass with their teeth, or digging holes with their hands. The best tools are no substitute for the worst employees, but getting your people using equipment properly will reduce safety concerns, improve efficiency, and eliminate costly equipment damage. With Greenius online training videos, you can get your crew up to speed on using new equipment and help them master the tools they’re already using. 

The Cost of Equipment Damage and Misuse

Lots of factors contribute to the total cost of equipment damage and misuse, and it’s more than just repair costs. Things like lost time when a critical piece of equipment breaks. Or total work stoppage because of an injury caused by equipment misuse. And hey, don’t forget the chance that a customer finds someone else to finish the job when you have to tow a standing mower away mid-job. 

There are also potential legal costs if equipment damage or misuse leads to property damage. The list goes on and on. That’s why it’s super important that your crews are properly trained on the equipment they use. 

In what areas can online training save you money on equipment

  • reduce costs associated to repair and maintenance
  • reduce costs associated with workplace safety and workplace injury
  • reduce costs of work-stoppage due to equipment breakdown
  • reduce possibility for legal costs due to property damage
  • reduce possibility for revenue due to loss of work

How can online training help

Online training is a way of quickly and cost-effectively educating your employees. With Greenius online training, you can assign specific modules to crew members before they start a new job or operate a piece of equipment. This can help reduce the strain of on the job training by familiarizing employees with best practices before they fire up an engine or start using a tool. You can find out more about the benefits of online formal training compared to on the job training in this blog here.

Greenius online training modules teach employees about safety concerns of specific equipment, how best to operate them, do’s and dont’s, and so much more. Combine online training with tailgate talks and safety meetings to make sure that everyone feels confident before they start a new task. Want to see a full list of our available tailgate talks

Empower your employees

Online training helps you manage a big, medium, or small crew to ensure that everyone is ready to go on the job site. With Greenius you can see who has completed which training and make sure the right people are trained on the right equipment for the job. 

Types of Greenius equipment training

  • Aerator safety training
  • Chainsaw safety training
  • Landscape hand tool training
  • Trimmer safety training
  • Zero-turn mower training
  • Snow plowing safety and prep
  • Landscape tractor
  • And more

See the full list of all available courses on the Greenius platform 👉 SEE COURSES

When it comes to reducing workplace injuries caused by equipment damage, breakage because of misuse, and other costs associated with improper use of tools, online training can help get everyone up to speed. Greenius allows small, medium, and large crews to get the training they need to succeed, on the schedule your business needs to succeed. Online training modules can be completed before the workday, and before an employee even hits the job site.   

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